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Fryd liquid is one of the purest and strongest concentrates in the market. They are concentrated THCA diamonds melted into an incredible pure oil. Our 2g liquid diamonds are one of the first in the history of the vape industry.

Our fryd liquid vapes have an unbelievable flavor and potency. The high from this our liquid diamonds can last for long hours for those still new with vaping disposables.

How Long Do Fryd Disposable Vape Last?

Fryd Disposable is capable of about a 1000 puff. The 2 grams. This should take the average user about 5-7 days. Enjoy THC and HCC without worrying about your battery. This is what makes Fryd Carts much better and convenient to use, with a variety of amazing flavors Fryd has become a favorite amongst cannabis vaping users due to its very demand in the vaping market.

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